Favorites of 2018

It was a good year. Lots of photos of secretive Soras, shy Least Bitterns and you can never have too many images of Reddish Egrets. We had quite a few great days and I got better at birds-in-flight with all the practice.

Early Trip to Anahuac

Anahuac is the place to be this time of the year. Snow Geese and lots of raptors fill the skies plus Caracaras, American Bitterns and the year-round resident waders. We actually got up early and almost made sunrise.

Of Course They Fly Away... They Are BIRDS!

Scissor-tailed Flycatchers have beautiful coloring and are a huge challenge. Most of the time you see them on a post or wire and they fly off before you can even get the camera in position. It was surprising these guys let us walk around aiming the bazookas at them. Even at close distances, it is difficult to keep the long tail in focus and within the frame. They do flick the tail a lot.

Bolivar Birds

Mud flats and marshes close to the coast can be tidal or rain-fed depending on the location. With the abundant rain over the last few weeks a lot of areas are overflowing and too deep for the smaller waders. After cruising around the regular locations we have found our best birding spots to be on the coast.

Welcome Signs of Fall

A welcome winter visitor along our Gulf coast is the Marbled Godwit and we found a small flock on the lawn of a beach house in Surfside. Same old problem… getting them to line up nicely so most are in focus is a challenge. At least these were spread out on the grass; the background was not as distracting.

Flocks of Feathers

Oh boy, this week has been so great with the overcast days and cooler temps. We have been out A LOT - the sky is like a huge diffuser and you can shoot from any direction as the birds are evenly illuminated. On Wednesday we went to the Texas City Dike and found a lot of Pelicans and … some cute little green birds.
Oh, tell me more.