Linda Murdock aka gustaviatex

Linda Murdock aka gustaviatex

Where to start?

Summer of 2012 I decided to take up birdwatching again. It was a hobby from years ago when I lived in California and my skills were a bit rusty, but not the enthusiasm for getting out and looking at the birds.

This time, I wasn't a poor student and I could afford good binoculars, books, iPad apps for identification and classes.

Oh, boy. Texas is about the best place for finding birds year round.

To share my new hobby I started writing email "Nature Reports" to friends and family. Since they all were positive I was taking the pictures I stole off the internet to illustrate my adventures no matter how many disclaimers I noted, I started thinking about photography.

And then some of my friends encouraged me to start a blog and share these adventures and pictures with the whole innerwebs .... so.... here we are.


After a lot of research, I got a Panasonic FZ200 and started taking pictures. I had a brief flirtation with the SonyRX10 bridge camera, but decided to get a real DSLR and learn to shoot manually.  After using a friend's Sony A700 and his Sony 70-400G lens, I got my own Sony A77II and the Sony 70-400G2. I also use his Sony f/4 500 G since he moved away from Sony to Nikon for birds. Other lenses I use include the Sony 16-50mm 2.8 and a Sigma xxx.

Social Media and Photo Sites

I was big on Instagram for a while but lately the only social media I have been using is Facebook under my real name. I have a FineArt America account and Flickr but they are mostly inactive.