In the foggy bottoms

Over the recent holidays, I had a whole week off. So I planned a nice day at Brazos Bend in between chores and making 'that pie' for Thanksgiving dinner. My habit is to pack my lunch and lay out all my gear the night before. To make sure my spare battery is charged and I have gas in the car. Check the weather. Oh, good. Cool morning warming up to low 70s F. Perfect.

The Plan

I got up earlier than I do when I have to work ( ! ) and turned on the local TV news for company. Just in case there was a sudden road closure I needed to know about... and to hear the traffic report ... and...

Dense Fog Advisory. Visibility down to 1/4 mile in some areas.


This is not going to deter me. I do wait until daylight to leave since driving in the dark and fog might be too much stress, but I am packed and I am going. The fog was not a problem at all in town, but once I turned off on the country roads towards the park, it got a bit thick. You could see headlights and tail lights, but the road is twisty and you have to pay close attention.

Brazos Bend State Park is in the low lands around the Brazos River - which is one of those lazy, slow moving rivers that changes course over the years. It leaves oxbow lakes and fertile deposits behind. Great farming land.

The Unexpected Adventure

So, because of the fog, I stopped about half-way at George Ranch. It is a historical park and I will try to go back and report on it for you later. But for this trip it was just a place to get out of the fog.

 Trees along entrance road to George Ranch

Trees along entrance road to George Ranch

I parked and got out to poke around. Not long after that a ranch hand driving out stopped to see if I was OK. The park doesn't open until 9am and he was wondering if I was lost or demented, I guess.

Taking pictures in the fog was a new experience for me. I am totally impressed with what I see on Instagram so I was anxious to try.

 Sun trying to show

Sun trying to show

That is the view toward the road. I think those are Live Oaks planted in a row because I was crunching on acorns with every step.

Must have been lonesome living out on this ranch years ago. It isn't so far now, but 30 miles from Houston 100 years ago was a great distance. Maybe they had visitors that stayed for weeks at a time. I will do some research and let you know.

I walked around a bit and spied this guy in a barn (behind a fence).

 Resident of George Ranch

Resident of George Ranch

I have seen the Longhorns grazing in the fields of the ranch as I passed by on the way to Brazos Bend. This guy was waiting for the fog to lift just like me.



The fog was beginning to lift when I found this windmill. You can see a bit of blue in the sky with the promise of a nice day.

Have you been to the George Ranch? Do you think it is worth a visit? Are there interesting things to photograph besides cattle?

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