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Atomic Candy Alternative Universe

Atomic Candy Alternative Universe

Aug 25, 2017 ~ So what did I do when it was too hot for birds this summer? Other than perfecting my talent for doing nothing, and watching a lot of Netflix, I did play with my archives. 

Maybe my dear readers will remember I traveled to East Texas to attend my high school reunion last year? After Terrell we went on over to visit my sister north of Ft. Worth. We did a bit of local birding and spent a nice afternoon walking around the square in Denton. Oh, you remember, I wrote it up in May Short Stories. I recently ran across a photo I took that day that sparked some interest. 

Atomic Candy store in Denton, Texas

Atomic Candy store in Denton, Texas

Evidently the Atomic Candy store is quite popular in Denton; it even has a FB page here. We did not go inside but I am sure it is a great place.

I just liked the sign. A lot. 

Soviet Atomic Candy Store

First, I started just doing some blends in Photoshop. This is three different images; a fence in Galveston that sometimes holds Green Herons, a flower from somewhere and the sign. With Photoshop, you load images in stacks - and you can move the images around, you don't have to stack them evenly. And then do an auto-blend. The program hunts for sharp edges and always surprises you how it turns out. Then, you can do fancy filters or whatever your want. 

This looks sorta wet and foreboding. Like... if it was behind the Iron Curtain? Hey, have you watched Comrade Detective on Amazon Prime? Check it out if you like dark comedies and miss the 1980s.

Freeport Atomic Candy Store

And one hot and sunny afternoon when there was no chance of even working in the yard, I started putting the sign on other buildings. The old marine paint store in Freeport was a favorite place for odd textures until it was totally ruined for phototography by new owners upgrading and renovating the building. The little storeroom building is gone, they replaced the windows and painted the whole thing. I was just sick. 

But, to a photo from years past I added some clouds from Texas City Dike for further interest. And by then I had added some blends to the sign so it looked vintage and old. It was saved as a clip so I can make it any size I want and even skew and change its shape. I love Photoshop. 

You know, this COULD have been a candy store...

Atomic Candy Garden Store

And here is the sign peeking out of downtown Houston blended with a garden center in Richmond and part of an antique store in Rosenberg. If you look really hard you can find a small self portrait of yours truly.

Go ahead, click on the photo to embiggen. Then just click/tap outside the image to come back to this page. 

Apocalyptic Atomic Candy Store with dolphins!

I am calling this one Atomic Apocalypse. There is a graffiti image of Michelangelo's Creation of David I found years ago near downtown, plus some Egyptian figures from a museum trip, some life-sized Nubian Slaves in an antique store ($600 for the pair!) and the infamous sandcastle T-shirt store in Corpus Christi. All stacked and blended with a heaping dose of Fractalius to finish it off. 

THE Atomic Candy Factory at an undisclosed location

And this is the factory where Atomic Candy is made! Of course it is, the sign is right there at the top of the building.

You don't believe me? Really? Imagine that.

Are you glad I starting blogging again? I missed it and then again I didn't. I have been publishing something every Friday for going on five years now. On one hand, I like the structure and purpose of the schedule .... but, some weeks I have a hard time finding something to say. I am considering just publishing (and notifying the email list) just when I have something new to share. That means most Fridays I will publish, but now and then I won't. 

What do you think? Of Atomic Candy and the new schedule? Let me know in the comments below. 

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